Amoun Ayad, CEO
Alpha American Power
“I'm emailing you to provide you with an honest assessment to your work on our company web site "Alpha American Power".   We were very impressed with your design knowledge, but more importantly with your patience throughout the process.  We have gone through several iterations, and you have been very willing to work with us to reach this nice design.  You are doing a very good job with customer service.“
Ehab Shafik, President
Alpha American Power
“As per my verbal feedback, I felt that we should commend you on a great effort with our company's Web Site.  We ended up with a great site and we are very excited about the future use of the site.  We needed an IT/design firm to help us to get where we need to be, and your organization delivered.  I must also say that the cost of doing this web site was at least 30% less than your competitors have offered us.  Thanks again, and hopefully will do more work together in the near future.“
Raouf Ayad
Coptic Architects
“On behalf of the Coptic Architects Group I want to take a few lines here to thank you, and your company for the excellent job you did in the construction and execution of the Coptic Architects  website. I can honestly say your design is totally unique and runs beautifully. Artists are probably the worse designers when it comes to their own work. This goes hand in hand with the hanging and exhibition of their own work as well. It has something to do with the incredibly large gap that exists between their self image and the public's perception.

You and yours have taken the fear of this experience away and replaced it with true pleasure. Your ideas and development were right on the money and it was worth the experience to see how our discussions about the Coptic Architects work translated into this unique website. You have a gift. The simple look you created fits with the Coptic Art and working through the design phase was always a pleasure. I really believe in your ideal blend of creativity, professionalism, initiative and energy. But I am most especially grateful for the company’s unwavering customer service orientation, which makes it a delight to collaborate with such a group. You and your team have mastered the art of listening to the client, to understanding in a real sense what the customer is trying to accomplish and, most importantly, they are able to execute on these requirements.

I must admit, at first, I doubted it could be done, so smoothly no less, considering our geographic difference; you being in Washington DC and us being in New Jersey. Creating a website together was truly an easy process, full of your creativity to get us through the hurdles.

We are all so very impressed with the amount of effort you gave, the quick responses to our millions and millions of questions we proposed to you. It seemed like you were on the computer, continuously since all our communication was done by email and you were always available. We are still amazed how easy you were to work with despite us being many nations apart.

Your ideas to brighten the  website were amazing. We are aware of many services offered to develop a website and are fortunate to have tuned into you!!! We appreciate your professionalism throughout the process of creating our website that only began with a simplified idea. Where you went with the development of our web site is outstanding. Again, we all thank you, our Coptic Architects Group thanks you and all the Copts thank you and your company. “